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Your pov
I tried to seem the most calm I could, but while I was picking up the second note, I could feel my heart racing fast… oh my god! I was gonna spend a week with one of them… For God’s sake, make it isn’t Antonio! I’d have a crush on him for ages! I just need Alfred  to force me spending a week ironing Antonio's boxers!
With trembling hands I started opening the note... "Ok... next week my master would be..." The tambourine I had in the chest suddenly stopped beating. I frose and could't catch my breath. "...Antonio". I heard a joy scream coming from the spaniard, that didn't even faded when Romano kicked him on the shin. Prussia and France looked really disappointed..... ewww what disgusting! God knows what would these two maniacs have done to me...
While I was still thinking with disgust at that possibility, I felt someone pulling me in a super tight hug. when I looked up, it was Spain. I felt my cheek turning red and my face suddenly started to heat up. I tried to smile back to antonio, Who has a huge smile on.                                                                                       "Ah chica! I'm so glad that you're going to live with me!" I asked myself If he understood that it was just for a week and that it wasn't like he got me from the lottery of nations or else... "Yeah... uhm... Sure, I'm looking forward too... it'll be fun... uh..." If possible, his smile grew even wider "Si! I'll pick you up tomorrow morning. Do you want me to help packing your stuff? Living with romano made me great at folding clothes.." I instantly tought back at my underwear drawer full of spanish flag printed bras. "NO! I mean... errr... I can do it myself!" "how you wish, formosa. see you tomorrow". and he gave me a quick peck on the nose before that a furious Romano (that untill 3 minutes ago was scolding thr Vatican for the missing help) tore him apart from me.
---------------------------------------------- Le time skip-----------------------------------------------------------
Romano picked me up with the car and helped me putting the luggage on his red, like a tomato, Ferrari. when we attived at Antonio's place I walked through the enormous wooden door, I almost fainted because of the happiness. If possible, the inside was better than the outside! It was all done in pink and white marble streaked with grey and high columns supported the roof and all the rooms overlooked the garden of the villa... OH MY GOD, THAT'S THE PARADISE!!
Romano led me to my room, on the 2nd floor... While I was arranging the clothes in the closet, someone knocked on the door. I went checking out and found Antonio only wearing a pair of muddy Wellington and a pair of white pants that showed off his perfect tan. He had no t-shirt on and a thin layer of sweat covered his skin. his smile could get every girl crazy. I needed to regain my self control to not to faint. "______!! finally, you're here!" "H-h-hi Toni!" "I couldn't look forward you arrived! I've got a surprise for you! close your eyes and open your hand, honey!" I looked confused at him... Which kind of request was it? Hesitantly, I did what he told me to do.... besides, I had no choice because I was his waitress... stupid Alfred and his stupid games...
I felt a soft fabric on my arm. I instantly opened my eyes an saw a red waitress dress with an apron and a huge bow. I looked at Antonio wide-eyed. "You likeit? it was Romano's when I still thought he was a girl... it was a bit short, so I asked Poland to add some fabric... but i don't think he understood what I said because he has just added some lace on the hem..." I took the dress to give it a look... ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME, FELIKS?????? it was so tiny!! not that the lace helped that much...! "it's... it's.... it's... very cute, thank you..." "I knew you'd love it!! gi change quickly, I'm looking forward to see how does it look on you!" he pulled me in a hug and then left me in the room a bit dazed and confused... OMG! I'VE JUST HUGGED ANTONIO SHIRTLESS!!!
----------------------------- le time skip *3 days after*----------------------------------------------------------
That day I was cleaning up the kitchen when I heard the phone ringing.I went to answer it since I was at home alone. "hello!" "hi ______!! it's Belle here! I just wanted to tell Antonio I can't come today for the dance lesson because Ludwig makes me slog like a slave..." poor Belgium... she was germany's waitress! Not that I had something against him, but he made her work non-stop! "You sure you can't come? Antonio won't be happy!" "I know sweetie! but than clean maniac don't manke me go out if i don't clean everything up at least three times... But! You could take the lesson for me!!!!" "what!?! me?!? but i'm not able to dance!" "oh, be calm! it isn't that hard! and Toni is a really good teacher!" "o-ok..." "Good girl! see you ______!" "see you Belle" And now? What could I do?  I went out in the garden looking for Antonio. he was, as usual, working in the tomato fields. When I reached him I cleared my throath to catch his attention. "ehm... Toni?" he turned around with a smile "si formosa?" "Belle just called and she said she isn't going to come because she's busy and that I can take the lesson for her..." At a first sight he looked a bit confuset, but then his face lit up "really? Fantastic!!" he took my arm and startes to run towards the house. he left me in the ballroom and said "I just need 5 minutes! wait here!" and he disappeared through the door. 5 minutes later he came back dressed in a clean shirt, black trousers and ball shoes. he turned the stereo on and a tango music spread around the house. like a gentleman he held out his hand. i accepten a little embarassed "toni... actually i'm not able to dance..." "don't worry mi hermosa! I'm gonna teach you! move the right foot forward. good. now the left one. See? it's easy! You have just to follow me!" I followed all his instructions and in a bit of time I was dancing!! I couldn't believe it! "very good! now move your left arm on my shoulder and your right hand on my forearm" I did as he told me to do and he kept me close to him,  laying his arms on my waists. we were so close that our noses touched eachother. " emmmmmm.... Antonio?" " shhhh... you're doing this good! ______ now, turn around" I did a pirouette. I ended finishing inside Antonio's arms against his tanned chest. Toni smiled seeing me blush " you look like a tomato! You're beautiful when you smile" "t-t-thank you" "now rise your leg and put it around my waist." "EEHHHH?????" my cheeks became so hot that I could have coocked an egg on it.Sice I didn't move of an inch nd a wooden statue could have been more at ease than me, Antonio thought that he could do it on his own. then the hand that laid on my waist slipped slowly on my thigh and took it on his waist. to not to fall on the floor, i gripped his shirt while made us slip down on a casquè. I closed my orbs because I was afraid to fall. I could feel my body shiver where it touched the spaniard's one and his hot breath on my neck. Suddenly I didn't feel his breath anymore and before i could open my eyes, Toni pressed his lips against mine. My eyes widened in surprise. did he really kiss me???? oh my..... For the God's sake, if it was a a few moments the alarm clock will ring and ruin everything, won't it? no!!! it was all real! as soon as i realized it, i kissed him back. his lips tasted like mature tomatoes and cinnamon. his arms circled my waist trying to make me closre closer to him.i deepened the kiss with my tongue, our pink muscles fought for the supremacy. when we broke the kiss, i was red as prussia's eyes.  His eyes shone of lust and love. he stated at me as if I was a treasure, a rare and unique gem like nothing else in the world. he carried me upstairs bridal style into his bedroom. i had alredy seen antonio's bedroom before when I went in to clean it up. I knew about the wonderful furniture but that once i didn't care about that. Toni placed me on his bed and made his way down my neck leaving butterfly kisses on my jawline and  cleavage, making me giggle for the he was on the top of me.he took off his shirt and my jaw dropped seeing his defined chest... his abs were just... perfect! Toni noticed that i was staring at him and said "do you like what you see, mi hermosa? now, i think you've still got too much clothing on... and i find that is not fair!" uncounsciously i nodded. he was waiting for nothing more.he took off my dress and unclasped my bra, kissing me lovingly. Embarassed, i tried to cover myself, but he took my wrists " you don't have to cover yourself. beauty would never be hidden." he gave me another sweet, deep kiss while with a hand he played with my rosy buds. "nnnngh... A- Antonio!" i felt him smile into the kiss "right, hermosa, repeat it..." he broke apart to lower himself to tease my poor breasts with his tongue... oh my god! that was unbelievabilly good! "T-Toniiii...aaahhhhhh" while i struggled , he kept licking between my breasts and on my neck. by that time i was burning on the inside. he finally took off my panties and his pants. now he was just on his boxers, that seemed very thight! i started making his boxer slide down slowly. very slowly... Antonio became more and more impatient and he started leaving bruises on mu neck "c-chica, take them off!! they start to hurt!" i took off his underwear to reveal his "friend" ...oh jesus christ!! "surprised, chica? now, i think it comes the time to play a bit..." he spread my legs apart and started to kiss my stomach and my waists... then i felt his tongue in front of my entrace and his breath tickling my skin. he gave a long greedy lick on my vital regions reaching points i didn't believe possible... "T-oooon-iiiii!!!". with my disapprovation, he removed his tongue, but before i could say something, he replaced it with two fingers, pumping them quickly inside and out of me... "S-Spain! more!! more!! more!!!" he added another finger and then another one and, when i was about to come he stopped and pulled out slowly "i think now you're wet enough, mi hermosa...". He positioned himself at my entrace, my legs spread apart only for him... he was panting too, his member pulsating because of the waiting... but Toni wanted to tease me again... he slid inside of me just the tip of his erected cock. he wispered right near my ear biting my lobe slightly "if you really want it, you have to beg..." not being able to resist any longer, i put aside my dignity and stuff, and rubbed my waist against his "Toni... please...please!!" "please what?" "fuck me!" "I can't hear you honey..." i couldn't take it anymore and i shouted as loud as i could "FUCK ME YOU TOMATO BASTARD!!!" "as you wish..." he fully pulled in. the pain invaded me like an electric shock, hot tears falling down my cheeks. Tony kissed away my tears "shhhhh... that's all right... it will pass...". suddenly the pain faded and the pleasure took over "m-move" "are you sure?" "yes! fast!" the thrusted in me slowly, then more hardly. "aaahhhhh... yes Toni!!" "______ you're so thight!! you make me fell so good... ahhhhh !!!" "AHHHH... yes Toni!!! right here!!!!"  he reached my g-spot and thrusted in harder and harder. now my body was a panting and sweaty mess beneath him, but it felt so good! " __-_____ i'm cuming!!" "me too!" i felt his hot seeds filling me. he pulled out and collapsed next to me. i was deadly tired... Toni pulled me closer to him and covered both us with a blanket. he stroked my hair for a long time and kissed my hair lightly. "Te amo _______" " I love you too Antonio". cuddling closer to his muscular chest, i slipped in the world of dreams with a smile plastered on my face.
first read the introduction! (hetalia x master maid: intro)
I thank my friend Giulia for the translation italian----->english!!!!!

yes, this is a lemon as I promised, I hope you know what that means ... mature content and blah blah blah ... if you do not like do not read it! nobody forces you to read it!!
I advise you not to read it if you are not 16 +, not because it is too rough or contains criminal acts, such as rape or anything like that, just because it is still a LEMON.
but I can not control you .... then you are responsible for yourself!
However, for anyone who decides to read it, I hope you like it! sorry if it is not much, but it's my first try!
good read

hetalia and spain belong to:Hydekaz Himaruya
the story belongs to :ME!
you belong to yourself

but your vital regions belong to Antonio Fernandez Carriedo,deal with it!
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Romano: Hey, Feliciano, can a stay for a while?
Italy: Why?
Romano: I don't think you want to know...
Romano: My mind has been scarred.
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Symphano Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013
Good, but I recommend capitalizing a few things, and using human names only. On this case, human names would be (in case you don't know)

Belgium= Laura, Emma, or Manom
Germany= Ludwig
France= Francis
And you seem to know Spain. XD

Other than the capitalizing, punctuizing, and the names, it seemed to have escalated too quickly. I would recommend a little more foreplay, and maybe a few scenes before.

But other than that, pretty good for your first try! Good job!
AleItaly1998 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
um ..... thanks?
I always thought that Belgium's name was Belle  ... and I've always called her that ... also because I'm used to thinking about "Emma" and "Laura" as Italian names and not as  Belgian ...
for the other characters .... I am fully informed of their human names. but I prefer to call them by their country name. at the bottom they ARE France, Germany and Prussia. is not a nickname or another, so why not call them that.
P.S. thanks for the long comment, I appreciate when people tell me if I'm wrong something, so I can improve my upcoming stories.

p.p.s. as regards the fact that the situation has progressed too quickly ....
Well, I think I've seen too many soap operas, because I imagined Antonio .. I do not know ... full of repressed love for the reader-chan and passion ready to explode suddenly ....
APH: Onion-UK
Symphano Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2013
Ah, okay. XD I like being helpful. And Himaruya said those are Belgium's possible human names, but who knows.

I mean, "Vargas" is a SPANISH surname, so when a country with unique surnames such as 'Bianchi' and 'Esposito' is called something Spanish, also hits me as stupid. XD
AleItaly1998 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think, however, that a football player is called Vargas ...
I think he play for Genoa 's team(Italy then) ... but belonging to him, I do not think there are many other vargas in Italy ....
Romano then, is a surname more than a name ...
a friend of mine once told me that the boy she liked named Antonio Romano ... I do not know why but I immediately thought of Spamano ...
:stupidme: remake 
Symphano Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
I probably would have thought of SpaMano too. XD
Symphano Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2013
Well, Romano is Hima's given nickname for Lovino Vargas, and Lovino, is actually a surname, believe it or not.
LunaCassanova1221 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2014
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