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Another party at Alfred’s home. it was the fifth only this month! and of course the American with the craze for junk food had dragged you to all five.
So, even tonight, you showed up at the door of his house with a (f/c) dress and you knocked. you felt a deafening noise of loud music coming from inside the house. the door suddenly opened and an overly euphoric country dragged you into the house "dude!it was the time! hey guys! look who's here! "he pushed you into the house, making you stumble on the carpet of the living room. finding nothing on which to lean, you finished long stretch on the lap of someone sitting on the couch
"... kesesesese frau, if you wanted the awesome me, you have just to ask." the albino snaked his arms around looking you with his red eyes full of malice.
"Hey amigo! leave in peace the chica! " your friend Antonio brought you up, and as soon as you were in the foot he popped you a kiss on both your cheeks. "It is a pleasure to see you, formosa" "thanks Antonio, how ar-" You were interrupted by a slap on your butt and a "ohnononononon."
Francis was behind you with an unparalleled rape-face that would put the willies to the most ardent bedobear.
"Allors Ma Cherie .... what do you say if we-“ the kitchen door swung open and Arthur went out from there with a scorched apron blackened and a huge cloud of smoke all around him, "I did my scone! who wants one of them? " in a nanosecond all the country in the room had taken refuge behind the sofa or hid themselves under the furniture.  Feliciano was frantically waving a white flag holed up in a corner of the living room. throughout the room I was left alone.                           sissies!
this is the way to abandon a friend in front of her inexorable demise??                                            "(Y / n)!do you want a scone? "" actually ... maybe another time ".... translated: I prefer to be trained for a month from Germany, to spend the night with France,to be a waitress in Romano and Spain’ house wearing a mini-neko-smexy-dress, go to live with Russia and challenge belaruss in a duel to the death armed only with a toothpick in the Grandpa Rome’s colosseum, where the stakes are the unconditional love of Ivan.
all at the same time.
"Are you sure? it is my special recipe ... "fortunately Alfred intervened to save me" hey dude, leave the girl alone! I would prefer not to be investigated cause that my house became the site of a food intoxication " " how dare you bloody git! is that the way to talk at the person who raised you! And blablablablablabla…..blablablabla….blablablablaaaa!!!!!blooy git…asshole…blabla..what about MY feels???....blablabla"
Alfred ignored the British and do not know where he pulled out a baseball cap. maybe he has taken lessons from france in pulling roses out of nowhere. "Ok dude, now that (y / n) is here, we can finally play! the hero,or ME, invented a new game, because seven minutes in heaven was getting very un-awesome " lou moaning from the bad touch trio " so ... tonight we will play at .... drumroll please * drum roll  offered by Denmark* ....  Master & Maid! now you can applaud my wonderful idea. "
Little applause from Italy (he did not know what he was doing) and Japan (who was much polite to do not do so).
germany interrupted both of them"wat is zis game jou're talking about?" Prussian elbowed him "... tell the truth  west,kesessesse, you like the title, eeeeehhh!?" In response germany blushed as one of lovino’s tomatoes and slammed the head of his Brumer against a wall. Italy began to wave the white flag again. spain came forward "si amigo, explained better, what should we do?"
"Well, dude, it is simple. in the hat are the names of all us. We will extract a couple of names. the first one that will be extracted will the waitress for a week in the house of the second extracted,wh should be called master and can ask anything him or her want at the first extract. Today is Saturday, so the game will start from next Monday, and tomorrow the maids will begin to move their things in the house of their master. "
 France was already drooling like a maniac. Following freewheel  by Prussia and Spain,but, at least, they tried to contain themself. Germany was red as a tomato,and England too. Italy and Russia smiled innocently ... but for two different reasons. the first of the two had no idea of what was going on, the second he hoped to become one with someone during the next week.        canada .... wait, where was Canada?
Arthur cleared his throat, "well ... w-we start?" France "we should choose someone who will aduce for everyone." Germany "I think that should do it (y / n). she is a new nation, and she hasn’t already had political alliances with any other nation. " alfred  slapped his hat in my hand and I fished the first package.
I opened it  was mine. fuuuuuuuuuuuucccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.
"Ok guys. this is my package then I will become someone's maid. "
You could not know this, but America had rigged tickets with arthur’s magic formulas so the first package would be the yours(sorry my grammar is terrible!!!). you could not even know this, but since you were a new nation, all the other countries were hoping for you to become part of their territories. even Swizterland!.
Before you educed the second note they were all crossing their fingers mentally. ireland, next to England, was silently praying all the elves who he knew ,while Arthur was leafing through at full speed his magic’s manual - paperback -version in search of a spell. France had known in advance what America  wanted to do, and he had spent the previous week to pray at notre dame de paris . Spain was doing the rosary and Roman had just sent a text message to the Holy Father asking for the grace.( he had the telephone number of the Vatican saved in the phonebook). Greece was also willing to bring all his cats at Turkey’s home in exchange of a  favor from from the great zeus. Switzerland would have thrown all his guns in the trash just to have you for a week in his house. Prussia and Germany were throwing glances of challenge ... sweden was imperturbable as ever. But next to him, Denmark and Norway were choking each other after a comment ... ehhhm ...a little too much spicy (to be modest ...) on you ....
unaware of all this, you've caught the second sheet. they all leaned forward.
"Ok ... for the next week  my master is ....."
this is my new series, but it is not a series. in the sense that it will not be as long as those who usually write, indeed, is quite short.
this one is the introduction, then there will be a final for every country,which you can choose from those listed below. excuse me if I do not put the link, but I'm really unable with everything that is technology, and I would not be able to. you will find all the stories in my profile, I will write them soon. I already war you that they will be all, or almost all, lemons .... sorry if you do not like it!
if you want any country that is not in the list, write it in the comments.
comments and / or criticisms are welcome, especially on my English, because I'm trying to improve it.
2p!canada(I LOVE HI!!!)

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Little applause from Italy (he did not know what he was doing) and Japan (who was much polite to do not do so).

I can see Japan's inside thoughts where he's just like: hai, I agree. 😑....😏
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Paldies! Uz redzēšanos.
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wait, nevermind. o boy...
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